LA Uncubed Networking Event on January 30th

Brian Shoicket, who oversees University programming for Uncubed (a company that connects alumni with fast growing startups through events and content) has invited fellow alumni in the Southern California area to an event called LA Uncubed on January 30th in Santa Monica. This may be valuable for alumni interested in startups and entrepreneurial careers, whether they just moved to the area, are transitioning careers, want to network, etc.

Participating companies that will be there are Media Temple (acquired by GoDaddy, set to IPO for $4.5 billion), Tinder, and 25 more with senior leadership from these companies teaching classes throughout the day. Click on the link below to sign up and make sure to use discount code: OCILLINI.

If you have further questions, contact Brian Shoicket at 617-529-3227 or