Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the Orange County Illini Club?
We are a regional supplemental chapter of the University of Illinois Alumni Association.    We welcome alumni and friends of all three campuses of the University of Illinois.  We host social events, cultural outings, alumni networking, student recruitment, and community service activities in the Twin City area!!

How is the Club related to the University of Illinois Alumni Association?
The Alumni Association provides direction for our Club and co-sponsors selected Club events.  The Club maintains its own membership list and e-mails only to Club members.  Sometimes, the Association helps us advertise an event by mailing our flyer to their Orange County members.

Who are our members?
Grads and past attendees of University of Illinois, all campuses.  We have long time grads and newly minted grads as members of our organization.  Invite your friends in the Orange County California area to join!

What kinds of social events do we offer?

Football and Basketball viewing parties, roadtrips to local games, networking meetings, holiday parties, trips to local museums, beach parties (why move to California and not go to the beach!), dinner theatre, golf tournies...tons of fun.  Family oriented and adult only parties encourage a broad range of attendees.

How often do we have events?

At least once a quarter.

What do we do besides social events?

Meetings with Illinois factulty and administration.  If you have any ideas on other activities, please let us know.